Sportsworld Auction Accepting Consignments for Spring 2016 Auction

sportsworld180Sportsworld Auctions is the new player in the sports memorabilia auction world. We cater to the person with the middle of the road items. Not everybody has that “Babe Ruth signed baseball” to consign or that “Game Worn Jersey” from a past sports superstar, but the everyday person has some kind of sports memorabilia item that they acquired and is now just collecting dust. Turn that sports memorabilia into cash, give us a chance to find new homes for your sports memorabilia.

Have you been turned off from consigning your lessor valuable items because you feel you will lose too much money due to those inexplicable “Item Fee’s” or the 19.5% consignor fee, that the other sites charge. At Sportsworld Auctions we do not charge an item fee and we use a sliding consignor fee, the more your item sells for the more you make.

Our buyer fees are below the industry standard, so whether your a consignor or a buyer here at Sportsworld Auctions we try to keep a little extra money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Sportsworld Auctions will stand behind any item it sells as 100% gauranteed authenic. We will never knowingly sell anything that is not 100% authentic, and we provide a money back guarantee for a period of 3 years on any item we sell if indeed it turns out to be non-authentic.

Do you have a high quality item that you would like to get the absolute maximum price possible? If so, please call us at 780-660-2833 or use the form below. A representative of Sportsworld Auctions will contact you concerning your items.

Contact us today to consign your items!

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