Spotlight on Doug Allen of Mastro Auctions

From time to time on the new Auction Report Blog web site, we will feature a profile on individual leaders within the collectible industry. To start of this new feature, we are proud to profile Doug Allen, President and Chief Opperating Officer at Mastro Auctions.

Doug AllenIt seems collectors just can’t get enough of what Mastro Auctions offers in its popular Classic Collector auctions. On October 25, the leading Sports and Americana auction house closed its final Classic Collector event of 2007. The results indicate there is no let up of excitement surrounding these much anticipated sales that are packed with diversity.

“Another two million dollar plus Classic Collector event puts an exclamation point on the success of these great hobby sales,” said Doug Allen, president of Mastro Auctions. “We look forward to another series of these events in 2008 as they continue to grow and attract more collectors and add favorably to the overall scope and depth of the collecting industry.”

Before joining Mastro Auctions, Doug was an avid collector. Over the years, he developed a broad knowledge of collectibles and an expertise in pre-war card issues and game used bats. In 1997, he became an integral part of Mastro Auctions’ by first serving as a consultant. Doug became a member of the Board of Directors in 2000. In 2001, Mastro Auctions brought Doug onboard to participate in the development and implementation of growth and operational strategies designed to aggressively steer the company’s future course. Doug became the principal factor in Mastro Auctions’ successful 2004 management buyout.

As President and COO, Doug leads the Mastro Auctions team by employing innovative ideas and bold initiatives. The result Mastro Auctions Home Pagehas been record revenues and expansion into new collecting markets while widening the overall collecting audience. During his tenure at Mastro Auctions, Doug has established the reputation of being a “road warrior.” In the past 5 years he has traveled hundreds of thousand of miles and closed dozens of million dollar plus deals including the Branca Collection, the Duke Hott Collection, the bat Babe Ruth used to his first home run in Yankee Stadium and the 1914 Cracker Jack set that established the new record value for a card set.Â

Doug was formerly a Managing Partner of a venture capital firm and an active member on several Boards of early stage companies. Before that he was the Vice President of Finance at Platinum Technology, a billion dollar software company. Doug received his BA in Finance from Purdue University and is a CPA.

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