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Sterling Sports Auction Accepting Consignments For Auction #71

Sterling Sports Auctions Current Auction of Vintage Cards Is Open For Bidding – Ends December 28, 2017Sterling Sports Auction is accepting consignments for the April 2018 Auction #71. Do you have items you are looking to sell? Let Sterling do the work for you. We offer a quick turnaround time from consignment to check in hand. Whether you have a $50 consignment or a consignment worth thousands of dollars, Sterling is the place for you. Many times consignor seller rates are at 0%.

Do you have sports cards and non-sports cards, autographs and memorabilia from the 19th Century to 1960s or modern high grade rookie cards you are looking to sell and want to take the work and hassle out of selling them. Let Sterling do the work for you. The turn around time is quick for you as a seller with consignments checks generally going out 2-3 weeks after the end of the auction.

Always pursuing whole collections, sets, or individual cards (Hall of Famers or commons) (graded or ungraded) from the 19th Century to 1960s and modern high grade rookie cards from the four major sports, boxing, golf and non-sports. Sterling offers lots starting as low as $20 which always for many cards to be offered individually to help maximize the final dollar amount for the consignor. All lots valued at $500 or over will be listed and Page 1 and have a good chance of being featured in the front page slide show, auction eblasts and auction announcements.

Sterling specializes in breaking up graded sets or partial sets into individual lots to help maximize the bottom dollar for the consignor.  Lots start as low as $20 allowing for a break up into individual lots.  Past Sterling Auctions have broke down graded sets of T206s, (2) T205s, T212-2, E210-1, DeLongs, 1950 Bowman and more to strong prices for the consignor.

Looking for collections, sets, lots or single cards, Hall of Famers, commons, graded or ungraded from the four major sports, boxing and nonsports from the 19th century to the 1970s.


Always looking for graded Hall of Famers and Rookie cards from the 19th Century to 1970s

Phone Lee Behrens at 320-219-1372 or email today if you have items you are looking to consign to discuss terms (most times 0% seller fees) and make sure they fit into an upcoming auction.

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