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Sterling Sports Auction Obtains Complete T201 & T206 Sets – Accepting Consignments

Accepting Consignments for Sterling Sports Auctions #66Sterling Sports Auctions is proud to announce that they have obtained a complete T201 And T206 set (up to Magie) all graded SGC. The sets will be broken up into the next four auctions (#66 – #69). The T201 set is all graded by SGC except one PSA, the majority are 80s and above highlighted by Mathewson 80, Lajoie,Speaker & Crawford/Cobb 84, and Lajoie 88. There is still time to consign for Auction #66, deadline for graded cards is September 25. The auction is scheduled to start on September 28th.

The T206 set is complete up to the Magie, error, SGC Authentic, are all graded by SGC and average around 40. Highlighted by Demmitt & O’Hara, St. Louis, both SGC 40, the four Cobbs Bat Off SGC 20, Bat On SGC 30, Portrait, Green SGC 50 and Portrait, Red, SGC 60. There will be other T206 offered in the auctions.

Save up your pennies, if you are looking for a card from either of these sets they will be available sometime in the next four auctions.

Time is running out to consign for Auction #66
If you have a collection, sets, lots or single cards, graded or ungraded from the four major sports, boxing, golf and non-sports from the 19th century to 1960s, that you are looking to sell. Let Sterling do the work for you. Sterling offers a smooth hassle free experience for the seller. Consignment checks are generally paid out within 2-3 weeks of the end of the auction.

Auction #66 will feature part (1/4) of complete set breaks of T201s (most SGC 80 or higher) and T206s (521/524) all SGC graded average 40. Looking to add more lots to strengthen the auction even more. Whether you have Hall of Famers or commons, sets, partial sets or single cards, Sterling is your place for you.

Do you have have items of valued at $500 or more! Sterling offers Page 1 exposure, and the possibility of being in the rotation on the front page slide show.

Call or email today if you have items you wish to consign terms, many times 0% seller fee.

*Deadline for graded cards is September 25th* Auction #66 is scheduled to start September 28th*

Lee Behrens


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