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Sterling Sports Auctions Year in Review and Consignment Opportunities

Sterling Sports Auctions Current Auction of Vintage Cards Is Open For Bidding – Ends December 28, 20172017 was highly successful for Sterling Sports Auctions with some of the largest auctions for over 4 years. The Auctions once again featured a wide array of lots from the 19th Century to modern, in the four major sports, boxing, golf and non-sports as well as autographs and memorabilia, highlighted by complete set breaks of T201s, York Caramels, and T206s, many Topps and Bowman complete sets. Plus record prices on many lots whether rookie cards, commons or Hall of Famers in almost every auction.

The first Auction for Sterling Sports Auctions in 2018 is scheduled to start on January 25th. Already in possession for the Auction is the last part of sets breaks for T201s (high grade), E210-1 master set and T206s highlighted by the Magie (error variation), plus a large selection of T202s, 1952 Topps High Numbers, D311s Pacific Biscuits, T207s with tough backs and more. Sterling Sports Auctions is looking to add more to this auction and all upcoming auctions in 2018.


If you have any items you would like to consign for the January 25th auction or any upcoming auctions, please call Lee Behrens at 320-219-1372 or email us at to discuss your consignment (which often are zero percent consignment fee’s).

Sterling Sports Auctions is looking forward to working with you and provide the service that we are known for in 2018 and continue to make Sterling Sports Auctions a growing success.

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