Steve Novella Offers 100+ PSA Graded Football and 60+ PSA Basketball Card Ending April 13, 2021

Steve Novella Offers 100+ PSA Graded Football (2016-2020) & 60+ PSA Basketball Card (2010-2018) Ending April 13, 2021.  Bid on eBay at  eBay ID – steve_novella for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .  All cards begin $0.99/MB.  The Auction contains mostly PSA 10 and PSA 9 Rookie Cards along with a few Autographed & Serial Numbered Cards.

16PanDonOpt – MThomas (R) (holo).
17PanAbs – PMahomes (R) (rookie roundup).
17PanContenders – PMahomes (R) (ROY contenders).
17PanDon – PMahomes (R).
17PanDonOpt – CMcCaffrey (R) (pink prizm)-PMahomes (R)-DWatson (R) (pink prizm).
17PanDonOpt – DCook (R) (rookie gridiron kings prizm)-DBrees (gridiron kings prizm).
17PanDonOpt – PMahomes (R) (rookie threads)-DWatson (R) (rookie threads)-DCook (R) (rookie threads).
17PanPrestige – TBrady (blue xtra points)-DWatson (R)-PMahomes (R).
17PanPrizm – PMahomes (R) (prizm).
17PanScore – PMahomes (R).
17PanSelect – DWatson (R) (concourse prizm)-DWatson (R) (concourse silver prizm)-DWatson (premier level prizm).
18PanCertified – LJackson (R) (gold team-mirror gold #/25).
18PanDonruss – SDarnold (R) (red press proof)-JAllen (R) (rookie threads red)-LJackson (R) (rookie gridiron kings).
18PanDonruss – BMayfield (R) (elite series rookies)-LJackson (R) (elite series rookies).
18PanDonOpt – PMahomes.
18PanPlayerOfDay – LJackson (R) (rookie player of the day).
18PanPlayoff – LJackson (R) (rookie wave).
18PanPrizm – PMahomes-TKelce (purple power prizm #/49)-LJackson (R)-LJackson (R) (r/w/b prizm)-LJackson (R) (rookie introduction).
18PanSelect – LJackson (R) (concourse)-LJackson (R) (premier level)-LJackson (R) (field level).
18PanSpectra – LJackson (R) (monumental memorabilia prizm #/199).
19PanContenders – JStidham (R) (rookie ticket swatches).
19PanContendersOpticPrizm – MHardman Jr (R) (Auto).
19PanDonruss – NBosa (R) (Auto orange).
19PanDonElite – PMahomes (spellbound green).
19PanDonOpt – PMahomes-LJackson (holo prizm)-DLock (R) (red prizm #/99)-JStidham (R)-PMahomes (1999 tribute).
19PanIllusions – DJones (R) (retail)-PMahomes (retail).
19PanPlayoff – DJones (R) (rookie wave)-PMahomes (air command).
19PanPrizm – LJackson-LJackson (r/w/b prizm)-LJackson (green scope prizm #/75)-PMahomes-PMahomes (lazer prizm).
19PanPrizm – RStaubach (silver prizm)-JMontana (red ice prizm)-KMurray (R)-KMurray (R) (red ice prizm)-DJones (R).
19PanPrizm – DJones (R) (green prizm)-DJones (R) (red ice prizm)-JStidham (R)-NBosa (R)-NBosa (R) (silver prizm).
19PanPrizm – GMinshew (R)-GMinshew (R) (red ice prizm)-JJacobs (R) (red ice prizm)-DSamuel (R)-DSlayton (R) (red ice prizm).
19PanPrizm – DLock (R) (rookie gear)-DKMetcalf (R) (rookie gear).
19PanSelect – PMahomes (concourse)-LJackson (concourse maroon prizm #/149).
19PanSpectra – DLock (R) (building blocks relics neon green prizm #/25).
19PanUnparalleled – DJones (R).
20LeafUltDraft – JLove (R) (Auto xrc gold #/30).
20PanMosaic – TTagovailoa (R) (green mosaic prizm)-JHerbert (R) (camo pink prizm).
2020PanPrizmDP – JBurrow (R).
10PanPrestige – PGeorge (R) (Auto).
17PanAscension – DBooker (Auto #/199).
17PanDonOpt – LJames-JCollins (R)-BAdebayo (R)-DMitchell (R)-DFox (R)-JTatum (R)-JTatum (R) (red/yellow)-LBall (R)-LBall (R) (red/yellow).
17PanPrestige – JTatum (R) (mist).
18PanCourtKings – LDoncic (R) (acetate rookies)
18PanDonruss  –  TrYoung (R)-LDoncic (R) (the rookies)-DLillard (franchise features red laser #/99)-DAyton (R) (significant sig. Auto).
18PanDonOpt – LJames-LDoncic (R)-LDoncic (R) (shock prizm)-LDoncic (R) (the rookies).
18PanHoops  –  TrYoung (R)-LDoncic (R)-LDoncic (R) (rise n shine mem winter)-LJames (road to finals #/999)-LDoncic (R) (we got next).
18PanPrizm – MPorter, Jr (R)-TrYoung (R) (ruby wave prizm)-LDoncic (R)-LDoncic (R) (r/w/b prizm)-GAntetokounmpo (green prizm).
18PanSelect – LDoncic (R) (concourse).
18PanStatus – LDoncic (R)-MPorter, Jr (R) (green).
18PanThreads – LJames (in motion dazzle).

BUYING HIGH GRADE PSA COMPLETE SETS and HIGH GRADE PSA SINGLES.  Please call (239) 336-9491 or email and let me know what you have available for sale.

ACCEPTING PSA CONSIGMENTS FOR EBAY AUCTIONS.  Visit eBay ID – steve_novella for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .

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