Steve Novella Offers PSA Graded Cards Ending Dec.17th and Dec.18th

Steve Novella offers various PSA Graded cards at auction Ending throughout the month of December.   The auctions include: 2018 PSA Graded Baseball Auction – 200+ PSA Cards ending December 17th, and 2019 PSA Baseball Auction of 250+ PSA Cards ending December 18th.  Visit eBay ID – steve_novella for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .

Auction Schedule:


2018 PSA Graded Baseball Auction – 200+ PSA Cards –

Begins Tuesday, December 10th – Ends Tuesday, December 17th. (all cards begin $0.99/MB)

Visit eBay ID – steve_novella for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .

-Bowman: Devers-Ohtani-Albies (PSA 10).
-Bowman Paper Prospects: WSmith-Welker-Pache-EJimenez-Soto-GTorres-Adell-Alonso-Vlad, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Bowman Scouts Top 100 Chrome: Vlad, Jr. (atomic #092/150) (PSA 9); Buehler-Tatis, Jr.-LRobert-Adell-YAlvarez (PSA 10).
-Bowman Trending Chrome: Acuna-Bichette-Chavis-Tatis, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Bowman’s Best: Soto-Verdugo (refractor)-GTorres-Acuna-Trout (refractor) (PSA 10).
-Bowman’s Best 1998 Best Performers: Trout (PSA 10).
-Bowman’s Best Power Producers: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Bowman’s Best Top Prospects: Tatis, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Bowman’s Best Early Indications: Tatis, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Bowman Chrome: Moncada (purple refractor #095/250)-Robles (batting)-Sisco (purple refractor #188/250)-GTorres-BrHarper (purple refractor #030/250) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Prospects Chrome: LRobert-Welker-Pache-EJimenez-Soto-Adell- Alonso (PSA 10).
-Bowman Prospects Chrome: Kopech (canary yellow refractor #67/75)-JLowe (atomic refractor) (PSA 9).
-Bowman Chrome Prospects: LMedina (green shimmer #34/99)-LTaveras (purple shimmer #077/655) (PSA 9).
-Bowman Chrome Prospects: Hiura-Hiura (purple refractor #101/250)-CKieboom-Bichette-Chavis (refractor #288/499) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Chrome 2017 AFL Fall Stars: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Bowman Chrome Peaks of Potential: YAlvarez-Bichette-Pache (PSA 10).
-Bowman Draft: Adell-NGorman-EJimenez (PSA 10).
-Bowman Platinum: Ohtani w/Glove (PSA 10).
-Bowman Platinum Prismatic Prodigies: RLewis (purple) (PSA 9).
-Panini Chronicles Revolution: Robles-Acuna (PSA 10).
-Panini Chronicles Studio: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Panini Donruss Optic: Devers (bronze) (PSA 10).
-Stadium Club: Hoskins (running) (PSA 10).
-Stadium Club Chrome: Ohtani (refractor) (PSA 10).
-Stadium Club Beam Team: Jeter (PSA 10)
-Stadium Club Special Forces: Trout (PSA 10)…..Trout (black #72/99) (PSA 9).
-Topps Archives: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Topps Archives 1981 Topps Future Stars Trios: Acuna/Albies/Gohara-Torres/Frazier/Andujar (PSA 10).
-Topps Archives 1993 Coming Attraction: GTorres-Acuna (PSA 10).
-Topps Big League: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome: Molina (pink refractor)-Devers (batting)-GTorres-HBader (negative refractor)-Hoskins (batting)-Albies (white jersey) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome: Verlander (green wave refractor #17/99)-Kershaw (pitching green refractor #91/99)-NWilliams SP (sunglasses refractor)-Arenado (blue refractor #025/150) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome: JDDavis (gold wave refractor #15/50)-Betts (blue refractor #126/150) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Update: Ohtani-GTorres-LGurriel (pink refractor)-Bote-Flaherty-Buehler-MAndujar-Robles-Devers-GTorres (pink refractor)-Albies (pink refractor)-Hoskins-Hoskins (pink refractor) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Update: Acuna-GTorres-Soto-Trout (refractor #070/250)-Trout (pink refractor)-Soto-Meadows (refractor #003/250) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Update An International Affair: Acuna-Altuve-Judge-GTorres-Trout (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Future Stars: Bellinger (PSA 10).
-Topps Fire: Ohtani (flamethrowers-blue chip) (PSA 10)…..Trout (hot starts-blue chip) (PSA 9)……Trout (power producer-gold minted) (PSA 10).
-Topps Gold Label: JBaez (Class 2-Blue #58/99)-Acuna (Class 1) (PSA 10).
-Topps Heritage: Judge-EJimenez(minor lg., pinstripe jersey)-Tebow (minor lg., holding bat)-Judge-Soto-Arrieta (black border #37/69) (PSA 10).
-Topps Holiday: Acuna-Trout (metallic snowflake) (PSA 10).
-Topps Holiday Bowman: Tatis, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Topps Update 1983 Topps Baseball Black: GTorres (#259/299) (PSA 8).
-Topps Update: Ohtani (red jersey)-GTorres-Judge (rainbow foil)-Judge (Gold-#0426/2018)-Trout-Trout (rainbow foil)-GTorres-GTorres (pinstripe jersey)-Acuna-Soto (batting) (PSA 10).
-Topps Update Salute: Acuna (PSA 10).
-Topps Update Legends In The Making: Acuna (blue) (PSA 10).

2019 PSA Baseball Auction – 250+ PSA Cards –

Begins Wednesday, December 11th – Ends Wednesday, December 18th.
(all cards begin $0.99/MB)

Visit eBay ID – steve_novella for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .

-Bowman: Ohtani (Sky Blue #323/499) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Mega Box Chrome: JPMartinez (Mega Autographs) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Mega Box Chrome Ready For The Show: Tatis, Jr (PSA 10).
-Bowman Paper Prospects: JulRodriguez (Camo) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Prospects Chrome: VVMesa (speckle refractor #080/299)-Hiura (green shimmer #16/99)-WFranco (PSA 10).
-Bowman Scouts Top 100 Chrome: Tatis, Jr-WFranco-YAlvarez-Alonso (Atomic Refractor #077/150)-Mauricio (PSA 10).
-Bowman Sterling Continuity: YAlvarez (PSA 9).
-Bowman 30th Anniversary Chrome: (PSA 10) Acuna-YAlvarez.
-Bowman Platinum: Alonso-Alonso(sky blue)-Tatis, Jr.-Tatis, Jr.(sky blue)-Vlad, Jr.-Judge (PSA 10)..- Betts (blue #123/150)-GTorres (FoilFractor 1/1) (PSA 9).
-Bowman Platinum Platinum Presence: EJimenez-WFranco-GTorres-Soto-Acuna (PSA 10) – WFranco (purple #210/250) (PSA 9).
-Bowman Platinum Prismatic Prodigies: WFranco-Vlad, Jr.-Bichette-Bichette (purple #083/250) (PSA 10).
-Bowman Platinum Top Prospects: Bart-WFranco-JulRodriguez-YAlvarez (PSA 10).
-Finest Autographs: Voit (PSA 10).
-Finest Blue Chips GOLD REFRACTOR: Bregman (#06/50) (PSA 9).
-Finest Prized Performers GOLD: ARizzo (#17/50) (PSA 10).
-Panini Chronicles Crusade: Trout (Blue Ice #61/99) – Soto (Purple Mojo #31/75) (PSA 10)
-Panini Chronicles Status: Vlad, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Panini Donruss Action AS: Acuna (pink firework) (PSA 10).
-Stadium Club: Jeter (pinstripe jersey-red foil) (PSA 9)….Alonso (Chrome-Refractor) (PSA 10)…..Acuna (warp speed) (PSA 10)…..Trout (warp speed) (PSA 9).
-Stadium Club: Alonso (Chrome-Refractor) (PSA 10).
-Topps: Acuna (batting) (PSA 10).
-Topps Archives: Tatis, Jr. (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Press Conference: Kikuchi (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Refractor: Ohtani-Votto-Molina-GTorres-Buehler-Judge-Acuna-JMcNeil-Soto-Trout-Vlad, Jr-EJimenez-Tatis, Jr-Alonso (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Negative Refractor: JBaez-Molina-GTorres (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Sepia Refractor: Ohtani-Bregman-Molina-GTorres-Judge-MAndujar-Acuna-Soto-Trout (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Pink Refractor: Ohtani-Molina-GTorres-Buehler-Acuna-JMcNeil-Soto-Bellinger-Trout-Vlad, Jr-EJimenez-Tatis, Jr-Alonso (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Purple Refractor: Buehler (#124/299)-Acuna (#189/299)-LGurriel (#010/299) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Green Refractor: CSeager (#19/99)-Syndergaard (#54/99)-LUrias (#77/99)-Soto (#90/99)-DLugo (#31/99) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Blue Refractor: Ohtani (#077/150)-Gennett (#092/150) (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome X-Fractor: Trout (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Gold Refractor: Bellinger (#46/50) (PSA 9).
-Topps Chrome Prizm Refractor: Yelich-Bregman-KBryant-Molina-GTorres-Judge-Acuna-Trout-Vlad, Jr (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome 1984 Topps Baseball: Judge-Soto-GTorres-Votto-Trout-Acuna-Ohtani (PSA 10)…….Acuna (green refractor #88/99) (PSA 9).
-Topps Chrome Future Stars: Soto-GTorres-Acuna (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Greatness Returns: Ryan/Ohtani-Jeter/Judge-Aaron/Trout-Trout/Acuna-Jeter/GTorres (PSA 10).
-Topps Chrome Greatness Returns: Ryan/Verlander-Aaron/Trout (PSA 9).
-Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs: KNewman-TrRichards (PSA 10)…NCiuffo-DenSantana (refractor #035/499) (PSA 9).
-Topps Heritage: Trout-Vlad, Jr-Senzel-EJimenez-Tatis, Jr-Alonso-CKieboom (silver metal)-ARiley (PSA 10)
-Topps Heritage Action: KyTucker-Hiura-CKieboom-Kikuchi-AMeadows-CFrazier-Ichiro (PSA 10)
-Topps Heritage Chrome: Buehler (#197/999)-Judge (purple refractor)-Senzel (purple refractor)-CKieboom (purple refractor)-BrHarper (refractor #363/569)-AMeadows (#001/999)-GGonzalez (#314/999) (PSA 10).
-Topps Heritage 1970 Cloth Stickers: (PSA 10): Kikuchi-Bellinger-JBaez; – (PSA 9): Acuna-Trout-Robles.
-Topps Heritage 1970 Stars Candy Lids: (PSA 10) – Yelich-Soto ; – (PSA 9) – Judge-Soto.
-Topps Heritage 1970 Super Box Loaders: (PSA 10) – Bellinger-BrHarper-Yelich-Suzuki-Aaron-Mays-CKieboom-Alonso-Vlad, Jr.
-Topps Heritage 1970 Topps Scratch-Off: (PSA 10) – Judge.
-Topps Heritage Award Winners: (PSA 10) – Betts-Ohtani-Acuna-Bregman-Yelich.
-Topps Heritage High Number Clubhouse Collection Relics: (PSA 10) – Pujols-Alonso.
-Topps Heritage New Age Performers: (PSA 10) – Acuna.
-Topps Heritage Now and Then: (PSA 10) – Yelich-Vlad, Jr.
-Topps Heritage Rookie Performers: (PSA 10) – Vlad, Jr-Alonso-EJimenez-Tatis, Jr.
-Topps Opening Day: (PSA 10) – Acuna.
-Topps Pro Debut: (PSA 10) – Vlad, Jr-Bart-Alonso-WFranco-Senzel-RLewis-LRobert. – (PSA 8) – JPMartinez (Autograph).
-Topps Pro Debut MILB Leaps and Bounds: (PSA 10) – YAlvarez.

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Visit eBay ID – steve_novella  for a complete listing and details, or call (239) 336-9491; or email .   All Lots start at  $0.99/MB.