Studio Auctions Accepting Consignments

Studio Auctions makes bidding and consigning are easy and affordable. Our consignors only pay 10% to consign (sometimes less depending on the item). Although we expect all of our consigned items to sell, in the event an item doesn’t sell, we will be happy to buy it from our consignor!

Do you have an item or items your interested in consigning ?  Contact us here or e-mail us at We want to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.


  • Our consignors only pay 10% to consign (sometimes less depending on the item).
  • Although we expect all of our consigned items to sell, in the event an item doesn’t sell, we will be happy to buy it from our consignor.


  • Hollywood entertainment customers only pay a 25% commission. Sports customers only pay a 20% commission.
  • Customers can also bid on the following other sites: Live Auctioneers, The Saleroom, ICollector and
  • Our auctions will be live and you can bid in person or online at our website.
  • Phone bidding will be available on certain lots.
  • We accept wires, paypal, and crypto.
  • We do not accept credit cards or checks.
  • You can pay by installments. Please contact us if you would like to set this up.
  • Lastly, if you bid on and win an item, you have to pay for it. We don’t make any exceptions.

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Our Team:

Producer, Screenwriter and Attorney
Sky has extensive experience in film and television merchandising. He’s overseen the manufacture and distribution of hundreds of products and high end entertainment collectibles for the industry’s most recognizable brands, including Star Wars and Star Trek. One of his companies built Sets such as the original Enterprise Bridge and other Props for Deep Space Nine Episodes. Sky conceived, produced, and co-wrote, the highly regarded, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.

Brad is an attorney from Toronto, Canada and a long time collector of props and costumes. Brad has worked closely for many years with a leading entertainment memorabilia auction house to bring props and costumes to collectors. After several years of doing so, he along with Sky Conway have started Studio Auctions with a view to providing a superior auction experience (see “The Studio Difference” page).

Holly Medwid runs our social media program and helps grow our online presence. Holly has made an outstanding contribution to Studio Auctions. Her knowledge of quality products stems from years of experience in digital marketing.

Tony Lombardo is in charge of Studio Auctions art direction and is a major contributor to our overall marketing campaign. He is also an award-winning photographer.

Consignment Director for Studio Auctions
Joe has been a consignment director, written and edited auction catalogs, and lead departments as Hollywood and Pop Culture memorabilia specialist at prestigious companies including Bonhams, Heritage Auctions, and Profiles in History. He enjoys a reputation as a top writer in the entertainment auction industry. He has participated in the handling of high-profile collections including: Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Liza Minnelli, Howard Hughes, Milton Greene, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Darabont, Joel Silver, Martin Landau, Bruce Lee, Barry Sonnenfeld, Marvin Paige, Olivia De Havilland, Greg Jein, and more as well as properties from productions including: The Hunger Games, Marvel, the Narnia franchise, Men in Black, The Matrix, Glee, and many others. Born and raised in Hawaii to international Polynesian entertainers, Joe’s love of collectibles turned professional when he moved from Hawaii to the “Mainland” (aka Hollywood) to work in the entertainment industry as filmmaker, FX artist, screenwriter, playwright, and designer of dark rides for international theme parks. In 1981 Joe became associated with pop culture icon Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008), legendary editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, who virtually invented movie memorabilia collecting in the 1930s. Forrest is credited with inspiring the careers of a generation of 1950s-1980s kids who would become industry icons of today like Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Stephen King, Guillermo Del Toro, Rick Baker, and countless artists. Joe was mentored by the likes of Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhusen, Kermit Love (of Jim Henson’s Muppets), Kenneth Anger, and other legends. Joe curated Forrest Ackerman’s world-renowned collection of 800,000 props, costumes, posters, books, and artworks until Ackerman’s passing. For nearing two decades in the business, Joe has participated in auctions grossing close to $100 million in prices realized.

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Auction of Champions: June 20 - June 26
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Greg Morris Marketplace: June 17 - June 30
Icons Auctions: June 24 - June 30
(*) Pristine Auction: June 1- June 30
PWCC Marketplace: June 20 - June 30
(*) Queen City Cards: June 5 - June 30
Fanatics Auctions: June 18 - July 1
Goldin: June 25 - July 4
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Infinite Auctions: June 22 - July 13
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