THE BIDDING HAS BEGUN! The Legendary August 26-27 Auction Is Live Online NOW

Including the final selections from the collections of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson and 19th century player Bill Hoffer. The sale features over 1,000 lots of high-end Sports and Americana items and offers a selection of material sure to appeal to wide range of collectors. Fresh off the success of their Live Sports Auction success in Cleveland, Legendary Auctions is stepping back up to the auction plate with an end of summer event.  The Legendary Auctions August sale features over 1,000 lots of high-end Sports and Americana items and offer a selection of material sure to appeal to wide range of collectors. Phone and internet bidding in the auction has begun and concludes on August 26 and 27.

According to Doug Allen, CEO and president of Legendary Auctions, some of the items expected generate the greatest demand originate from the personal collections of Bob Gibson and Bill Hoffer. The Bob Gibson Collection was consigned by Gibson, the Hoffer items, through his family. Recently, at Legendary Auctions Live Sports sale, the Hoffer uniform set a new record for a non-Hall of Fame player jersey and several of the Gibson items hit six figures. “Obviously, saying that the items from these two collections did well is an understatement,” said Allen. “We expect there to considerable bidding interest in the additional lots from these collection – nearly 100 of them – that will be featured in our August event.”

Also expected to attract significant auction attention are vintage baseball cards, an unbelievable Mickey Mantle game used glove, an assortment of high-end collectibles from sports other than baseball and non-sports cards. “Despite the challenging economy, we have found that solid material is still drawing collectors into the action,” said Allen. “Our latest Live Sports Auction was evidence that if you give collectors what they want, they will come.”

Specific highlights of Legendary Auctions August sale include:
The Bob Gibson Collection

Among the 76 lots available are:
Bob Gibson’s 1970 Cy Young Award
This iconic award consists of a visually striking, silver-plated design mounted on a black-lacquered wooden plaque measuring 13-1/2″ x 16″. The centerpiece of the 11-pound award is a life-like sculpted pitcher’s hand sprouting from the mound of a baseball diamond and clutching a ball with a two-fingered grip. Relief lettering above and below reads, respectively, “CY YOUNG AWARD” and “PRESENTED TO BOB GIBSON – MOST VALUABLE PITCHER – NATIONAL LEAGUE – 1970.” Minimum bid $10,000.
Bob Gibson’s 1964 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Ring
This 14K gold ring, produced by Balfour to Gibson’s specifications, features a red-colored oval stone mounted along the top with a genuine diamond at center. Encircling the stone are the words “St. Louis Cardinals – World Champions” in raised relief. One shank displays “1964,” and the Cardinals team logo. The opposite shank features “Gibson,” and his uniform number, “45.” Engraved on the interior of the ring are “14K – Balfour” in block letters and the scripted name of the recipient, “Robert Gibson.” Minimum bid $5,000.
The Mother Lode of Bob Gibson Personal Checks – More Than 7,000!
Here is an extraordinary collection of more than 7,000 bank checks dating from the 1970s to the 2000s and each drawn on Gibson’s personal account. Scripted in a variety of ink types and colors, each check has been signed “Robert Gibson” on the appropriate line. The signatures average “9-10” strength. Minimum bid $2,500.
Collection of Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals Contracts (11)
Each legal document is comprised of fine-print binding agreements and all were drawn up with blank spaces to facilitate the entry of typewritten specifics. These specific covenants include Gibson’s name and address as well as his annual stipends – ranging between $11,000 and $160,000. Includes the years 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 (Giles stamped sig.), 1965, 1966 (Giles stamped sig.), 1969 (Giles stamped sig.), 1971 (Feeney stamped sig.), 1972, 1973 (Feeney stamped sig.), and 1974. Each four- or six-page contract has been signed “Robert Gibson” (“8-9”) in either blue or black ballpoint. Minimum bid $1,500.
Bob Gibson’s 1968 St. Louis Cardinals National League Championship Ring
The interlaced letters “SL” against a red-stone background highlight the top of this 14K white gold jewelry piece. Awarded to Bob Gibson to commemorate the winning of the 1968 National League pennant, the size 10 ring features “Gibson” and a Cardinals cap on one shank and “1968” with a Redbird and Gibson’s number, “45,” on the other. A raised-letter surround, “St. Louis Cardinals – N.L. Champions,” decorates the ring’s top-surface perimeter. Minimum bid $1,000.
Bob Gibson’s 2004 St. Louis Cardinals National League Championship Ring
A “Cardinal” crafted of red stones sits in a bed of genuine diamonds on the top of this majestic ring. It features “Gibson” and the Cardinals’ logo on one shank and “2004 – 16th World Series – 105-57” surrounding a design of Busch Stadium on the other, showcases raised lettering, “National League Champions – Cardinals” as a surround to its primary motif. Minimum bid $1,000.

Something Special from Mickey Mantle

Circa 1963 Mickey Mantle Signed Game Used Glove – With Letter of Authenticity From Bobby Richardson!
This Rawlings game used glove was once worn by Mantle and was handed to Richardson by the slugger. The glove was then given to our consignor by Richardson. A “Rawlings XPG 6” signature model, this tanned cowhide glove boasts a manufacturer’s label sewn to the fur-lined wrist backing. The pocket features stampings of “‘Deep Well’ Pocket” and “Heart of the Hide.” The item reveals evidence of significant use. Mantle has signed the back of the mitt’s middle finger in blue marker (“7-8”).  Minimum bid $5,000.
The Bill Hoffer Collection

Among the 14 lots available are:
Spectacular Circa 1895 Bill Hoffer Baltimore Uniform
This is an outstanding vintage baseball uniform, consisting of matching jersey and pants. An extremely significant outfit — indisputably associated with a Championship team — this phenomenal equipment owes its survival to the sentiment and foresight of Orioles pitcher Bill Hoffer and his descendants. Includes: jersey and pants. Only a handful of professional jerseys and uniforms from this era have survived, and this ensemble — attributed to a well-known player on a championship-quality team — is particularly desirable. Minimum bid $2,500.
Significant 1897 Winning Game Ball and Original Photo (2 Items) – Baltimore Defeats Boston 6 to 3
These vintage relics emanate from an important late-September, 1897 contest between Boston and Baltimore. Includes: Game Used and Inscribed Ball – carrying the fountain inscription, “Sept 25 1897 – Balto 6 – Boston 3”; Cabinet Photo – shows the stands filled to near-capacity and players active on the field — has “The Winning Game of 1897 – Boston vs. Baltimore” embedded as a caption. Baltimore recaptured first place with this victory. Minimum bid $1,500.
Bill Hoffer’s Circa 1899 Game Used Ensemble – Shirt, Jacket, Cap and Leggings
This captivating ensemble is attributed to the Pittsburgh Pirates team of the late 19th Century. Bill Hoffer indicated to his family that this equipment derived from his two-year stint in Pittsburgh: as noted in the Baltimore Sun Sunday supplement newspaper article of September 29, 1957, “Hoffer still has a pre-1900 uniform from his Pittsburgh days,” and this is the outfit of more than century-old garments referred to by Hoffer. Minimum bid $1,000.
Graded Baseball Cards – Singles, Sets and Partial Sets
1912 T207 Brown Background Complete Set Including Many Tough Backs (200) Plus 4 Variations – #2 on the SGC Set Registry!
Here’s one of the major components of the classic tobacco era. The cards were introduced in 1912, and, nearly a century later, their mystique has only compounded. The offered gallery’s brand back composition includes an amazing total of 47 entries that showcase the release’s rare Broadleaf advertising. The remaining back designs include: Napoleon (5), Red Cycle (2), Anonymous (1), Recruit (149). Includes: SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 3 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 7 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 54 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 81 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 44 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 7 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 1 card; SGC 10 PR 1: 2 cards; SGC Authentic: 5 cards. Minimum bid $5,000.
1934 Goudey Complete Set (96) – #7 on the PSA Set Registry
The 1934 Goudey series features a comprehensive lineup of the period’s stars—hardly missing a beat in the absence of Babe Ruth—beginning with the set’s first card portrayal of Jimmy Foxx. In addition to its undeniably elite player roster, ’34’s gallery emits spectacular visual appeal. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 95 cards. Minimum bid $5,000.
1915 Cracker Jack SGC 88 NM/MT 8 and SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5 Collection (33 Different)
The beautiful Cracker Jack cards are admired for their detailed portraits of the era’s star ballplayers. This high-grade array includes: SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 14 cards; and SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 19 cards. The cards’ approximate SMR value exceeds $20,500. Minimum bid $5,000.
1915 Cracker Jack #88 Christy Mathewson – PSA NM-MT 8
This is one of seventeen examples at its tier. In one of the few departures from the patterns set by its manufacturer’s 1914 issue, this 1915 Cracker Jack card offers a breathtaking portrait likeness of its subject. A showpiece example, the offered card projects its flaming red-enhanced image from within an arrangement of brilliant white borders. Minimum bid $2,500.
1911 E94 George Close Candy Cy Young – PSA NM 7 “1 of 2!”
This is one of just two specimens in the world at its tier with none graded higher. The elusive E94 George Close collectibles are legitimately rare, and most serious enthusiasts are thrilled to obtain even a single “type” example. The offered E94 card of “Old” Cy Young boasts intense colors and outstanding clarity. Its reverse displays a beautifully printed series checklist, viewed against an attractive white background. Minimum bid $2,500.
1909-11 E90-1 American Caramel Ty Cobb – SGC 84 NM 7 “1 of 1!”- Graded 84 NM 7 by SGC
This is the only example at its tier (with none graded higher) among a total of eighty-nine copies recorded in SGC’s census reporting. The ballplayer’s likeness is complete and fully presentable, as is all of the card’s print on both front and back sides. Minimum bid $1,500.
1915 Cracker Jack #65 Tris Speaker – SGC 96 MINT 9 “1 of 1!”
This is the only example at its tier (with none graded higher) among a total of 23 copies recorded in SGC’s census reporting. It is in unique mint condition. Minimum bid $1,500.
1964 Topps PSA NM-MT 8 Complete Set (587)
All of the year’s major stars are represented in this top-quality set, highlighted by second-year cards of Pete Rose and Willie Stargell. Additionally, the issue features a crop of rookie cards including Lou Piniella, Tommy John, Richie Allen, Mickey Lolich, Tony LaRussa and Hall of Famer Phil Niekro.  Minimum bid $1,500.
1950 Bowman High Grade Near Set (249/252)
The issue represented Bowman’s first use of full-color artwork for a sports related release. Every portrait has retained the dazzling hues and sharp detail for which this edition is noted. In total, 82 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 96 MINT 9: 16 cards; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 10 cards; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 39 cards; SGC 86 NM+ 7.5: 5 cards; SGC 84 NM 7: 8 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 3 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,500.
1915 Cracker Jack #75 Miller Huggins – SGC 96 MINT 9 “1 of 2!”
This is one of just two examples at its tier (with none graded higher) among a total of 22 copies recorded in SGC’s census reporting. Minimum bid $1,000.
Rare 1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats Jim Donahue, Mets – SGC 30 GD 2
This is the only copy recorded in SGC’s census reporting. Here is an extremely desirable and particularly elusive 1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats card of Jim Donahue. The collectible features a distinguished-looking illustration of its “Spotted Tie” Mets subject. Minimum bid $1,000.
1951 Bowman High Grade Near Set (317/324)
The 1951 Bowman baseball production contains the true rookie cards of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays, both of which are included in the issue’s more scarce “high number” series. In total, 55 cards have been graded by SGC. Includes: SGC 98 GEM MT 10: 1 card; SGC 96 MINT 9: 21 cards; SGC 92 NM/MT+ 8.5: 7 cards; SGC 88 NM/MT 8: 10 cards; SGC NM+ 7.5: 1 card; SGC 84 NM 7: 7 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 2 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 1 card; SGC 60 EX 5: 3 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 1 card; SGC 30 GD 2: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,000.
1969 Topps High Grade Complete Set (664) Including 381 Graded Cards!
The 1969 Topps issue, which chronicles the arrival of Reggie Jackson, the departure of Mantle and the year’s efforts for the entire cast of baseball’s celebrities in mid-career, is rendered here in high grade. In total, 381 cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: PSA MINT 9: 7 cards; PSA NM-MT+ 8.5: 1 card; PSA NM-MT 8: 179 cards 64; PSA NM+ 7.5: 11 cards; PSA NM 7: 183 cards.  Minimum bid $1,000.
1938 R323 Goudey Heads Up SGC-Graded Complete Set (48)
The series offers 24 different players, each appearing twice within. Obverses of card #’s 241-264 feature plain backgrounds, with card #’s 245-288 having identical players and photos, with the addition of small illustrations and comments in the background. Includes SGC 84 NM 7: 2 cards; SGC 80 EX/NM 6: 10 cards; SGC 70 EX+ 5.5: 2 cards; SGC 60 EX 5: 5 cards; SGC 50 VG/EX 4: 10 cards; SGC 40 VG 3: 11 cards; SGC 30 GD 2: 3 cards; SGC 20 FR 1.5: 2 cards; and SGC 10 PR 1: 3 cards. Minimum bid $1,000.
1913 WG5 National Game Complete Set (52) Plus Rules Card – #7 on the PSA Set Registry
The issue’s roster—comprised of forty-three individual players and nine “action” cards—is flush with its day’s major luminaries, including twenty-four Hall of Famers. Includes PSA MINT 9: 5 cards; PSA NM-MT+ 8.5: 5 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 17; PSA NM+ 7.5: 3 cards; PSA NM 7: 8 cards; PSA EX-MT+ 6.5: 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 3 cards; PSA EX+ 5.5: 3 cards; PSA EX 5: 5 cards; PSA VG-EX+ 4.5: 1 card; PSA VG-EX 4: 1 card; and PSA Authentic: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,000.
Baseball Bats
Joe Jackson 1917-20 H&B Professional Model “YMCA” Bat – MEARS A-4
This 35″, 36-3/4-oz. war club was produced to physically emulate Jackson gamers–Jackson is known for having moved from the Black Betsy style to regular, toned bats during this period–with the lone difference being the distinctive and triangular “YMCA” logo stamping. There are two schools of thought related to this bat, as per the MEARS opinion. One is that the logos were placed on certain players’ pro model bats to show a sign of support for the war effort, in the same fashion as much more recent “Bicentennial” bats. The other is that they were produced for servicemen. Other than the “YMCA” logo, this bat matches Joe Jackson Professional Model Bats of the 1917-1920 era. Minimum bid $1,500.
Roberto Clemente 1968 Game Used Adirondack All-Star Game Bat- MEARS A-6.5
This bat was turned by the New York-based manufacturer for Clemente’s use in the ’68 Mid-Summer Classic. The irony in the bat’s presentation to the Pirate superstar in that specific year lies in the fact that, for the only time in a 13-season span (1960-1972), Clemente was not selected to the All-Star squad. Had he participated, this weighty 36″, 38-1/2-oz. war club would have accompanied. The white ash “129X” block-letter (“R CLEMENTE”) weapon obviously made appearances elsewhere—as evidenced by signs of significant use. Minimum bid $1,500.
Extensive “H&B” Game Used Bats Collection (88) – From The H&B “Barn Find!”
From one of our hobby’s most significant “finds” of vintage gamers! There is fantastic and intriguing variety is found within this group . Several of these bats can be tied to possible Negro League use, and one can be placed with the storied House of David team. Two bats from this horde have been cleaned and polished to reveal a sample of the satisfying aesthetic properties that lie underneath the years’ of storage dust and heavy patina. Minimum bid $1,500.
Signed Baseballs

Hall of Famers Single Signed Balls Collection (56) Including Campanella, DiMaggio and Mantle
This collection of 56 single signed OAL, ONL, and OML balls each bears either a blue or black ballpoint autograph from a Hall of Fame inductee. The spheres are moderately toned to white examples, with the scriptings averaging “7-9”. Highlights include: Aaron, Campanella, DiMaggio (“HOF 55”), Drysdale, Koufax, Mantle, and Musial. Minimum bid $1,500.
1934 Tour of Japan Signed Ball (16 Signatures) Including Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx and Berg
The offered baseball boasts sixteen black ink “Tour” signatures averaging about “5-8” in terms of strength and clarity. The ball’s sweet spot is occupied by Babe Ruth (“6”). On other panels are Cascarella (Joe), Frank O’Doul (“7”), Lou Gehrig (“7-8”), Whitehill (Earl), Connie Mack (“7”), Moe Berg (“7”), Rabbit Warstler, Doc Ebling (trainer), John Quinn (umpire), Clint Brown, Eric McNair, Frankie Hayes, Jimmie Foxx (“8”), Lefty Gomez and Earl Averill. Minimum bid $1,000.
1914 New York Giants Team Signed Ball (10 Signatures) Including Mathewson, McGraw and Thorpe
Signature highlights on this unofficial “National League” ball include Christy Mathewson, John McGraw, Jim Thorpe and Chief Myers (signed “J.T. Myers”). All have significant fading, with Mathewson rating “2-3” strength, Myers projecting “2”, and McGraw and Thorpe assessing “1-2”. Most of the other names have faded into obscurity. Finding Mathewson’s signature on a team ball—let alone acquiring the ball—can constitute a lifelong quest for the most ardent collector. Minimum bid $1,000.
Football Memorabilia
1953 Bowman Complete Set (96) – #3 on the PSA Set Registry!
The ’53’s might be the “sleepers” of their generation. Escaping a degree of notoriety by harboring few high-profile rookie pieces, the set’s large-size cards are nonetheless wonderfully appealing on a visual level. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 15 cards; PSA NM+ 7.5: 1 card; PSA NM 7: 76 cards; and PSA EX-MT 6: 4 cards. Minimum bid $1,000.
Joe Namath 1977 Los Angeles Rams Home Jersey
This jersey hails Namath’s final season when he appeared in only four games. The royal blue mesh garment features double ply shoulders, a contrasting yellow v-neck and knit Ram horn shoulder/sleeve logo inserts. The yellow numerals are appliquéd in proper font. The plated NOB is appliquéd in white, plain block font. The overall wear is QB light. Minimum bid $500.
October 28, 1934 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Signed Game Ball (15 Signatures) Including Grange and Nagurski
This game ball was used in a 1934 contest between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The Bears topped the Packers 24-14 and posted an unprecedented 13-0 record that season. A handwritten notation on the well-used ball denotes that the item was presented to “J. Frank Lyman” as a prize at a dance by “Red Grange Captain of the Bears 1933-34.” Fifteen white ink signatures (averaging “4” strength) decorate the leather, including Red Grange, Bill Hewitt, Link Lyman and Bronko Nagurski. Minimum bid $500.
Basketball Items
1986/87 Fleer Complete 132-Card Sets on Full Uncut Sheets (4) – Featuring Michael Jordan Rookie Cards!
The much-coveted rookie card of Michael Jordan appears near the left-center of each sheet, and all of these sheets’ examples look virtually untouched! Overall display quality ranges from about VG/EX to EX. Minimum bid $900.
Michael Jordan 1990-91 Chicago Bulls Warm-Up Jacket and Pants
His “Airness” jerseys are plentiful from just about every juncture of his fabled career, but warm-ups and pants, while at times difficult to determine authenticity based on markered “numeric” identifiers, are far less abundant. This road shooting shirt/pants hails from the 1990-1991 season. The round neck knit garment with elaborate trim features appliqué identifiers with “JORDAN” prominently displayed over an appliquéd, dual color, #23 on the verso.  Screened on Bull head logos with diamond shaped inserts decorate the pullover jersey.  Wear is evident. Minimum bid $500.
Julius Erving 1983 Philadelphia 76ers Signed Game Worn Home Jersey
This Dr. J. home representation hails from his early 1980s NBA career.  “SIXERS” appears in proper font, as do the front and back numerals and the vertically arched, serifed NOB. The jersey back is signed “Julius Erving #6” in blue Sharpie (“9”). Minimum bid $500.
Hockey Collectibles
Mike Bossy 1983-84 New York Islanders Game Worn Home Jersey
This is one of the better Bossy’s in the hobby! The mesh home jersey is tagged size 50 in collar along with Stall & Dean/Syosset manufacturer’s tag and a 1983 year tag. This is an all-original as-issued garment with moderate to heavy wear and nice inside pilling. Minimum bid $1,500.
1910/11 C56 “Hockey Series” PSA-Graded Near Set (33/36)
Modern hobbyists greatly admire the rich colors and the dignified nobility of the gallery of portraits displayed on these cards. They depict hockey warriors whose accomplishments and passion are etched in the sport’s history, featured on these insert cards. Includes: PSA EX 5: 3 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 12 cards; PSA VG+ 3.5: 5 cards; PSA VG 3: 8 cards; PSA GD+ 2.5: 1 card; PSA GD 2: 2 cards w; PSA FR 1.5: 1 card; PSA PR 1: 1 card. Minimum bid $1,000.
1966 Topps USA Test #35 Bobby Orr Rookie Card – PSA EX-MT 6
This is the much-heralded, fervently sought-after rookie card of Bobby Orr from Topps’ 1966 “USA Test” release.  The offered example exhibits full-bleed edges, and bright, clear printing. The card’s centering is highly noteworthy in its precision of alignment. Minimum bid $900.
1933/34 V304A O-Pee-Chee Series “A” PSA-Graded Partial Set (29/48)
This is the first and most expansive segment in what would become a five-year span of colorful, vintage hockey issues. Includes: PSA EX-MT 6: 1 card; PSA EX+ 5.5: 1 card; PSA EX 5: 11 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 15 cards; PSA VG 3: 1 card. Minimum bid $500.
Golf Treasures
1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones, Golf – PSA NM-MT 8
There are just four copies in the hobby graded higher. As the day’s reigning links phenom, Bobby Jones was among the most popular sports figures of his era. His likeness was mandatory for inclusion in Goudey’s ambitious 1933 set showcasing of the time’s most widely revered athletes. Minimum bid $1,000.
1932 U.S. Caramel #3 Bobby Jones – PSA NM 7
This is one of just six examples at its tier (with twelve graded higher) among a total of thirty-two copies recorded in PSA’s census reporting. Minimum bid $900.
Tiger Woods 1998 Doral Ryder Open Final Round Signed Match Used Golf Cap
Tiger Woods autographed his cap and give it away at the conclusion of the final round at the Doral Ryder Open in 1998. The inscribed Nike hat reads,  “To JP, Tiger Woods.” Tiger’s black marker penmanship on the bill shows “8-9” quality. Minimum bid $500.
Non-Sports Cards
Exceedingly Rare 1962 Topps “Attack From Space/Mars Attacks” Test Proof One-Cent Display Box – Likely One-of-a-Kind!
This 120-count, counter-sales piece differs from the as-issued “Mars Attacks” production only in the aspect of titling. The abundantly attention-grabbing box puts forth a minimally EX quality of appearance.The manufacturer’s information, “Bubbles, Inc. Brooklyn 32, N.Y.,” appears on the box’s lid flap. A factory survivor of unexcelled exclusivity, this is an especially important “Mars Attacks” foundation piece. Minimum bid $2,500
Extremely Rare 1962 Topps “Attack From Space/Mars Attacks” Test Proof Five-Cent Display Box – Likely One-of-a-Kind!
This spectacular foundation piece displays the familiar motif with the unmistakable, menacing look that’s so dear to collectors’ hearts. The in-house artifact is an actual prototype that aided in clarifying the design for the packaging of Topps’ 1962 Mars Attacks 5¢ counter-sales box. The manufacturer’s information, “Bubbles, Inc. Brooklyn 32, N.Y.,” is found on the box’s lid flap. Minimum bid $1,500.
1940 R83 Gum, Inc. “The Lone Ranger” PSA-Graded Set (48)
This hobby classic held the kids (and adults) of the 1930s enthralled as they followed along on the radio to the Western adventures of the Lone Ranger, his faithful companion Tonto, and his loyal steed, Silver. This full set of 48 pieces inclues all of the series’ scarce “high numbers.” Includes: PSA NM 7: 1 card; PSA EX-MT+ 6.5: 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 2 cards; PSA EX 5: 7 cards; PSA VG-EX+ 4.5: 4 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 18 cards; PSA VG+ 3.5: 1 card; PSA VG 3: 7 cards; PSA GD+ 2.5: 2 cards; PSA GD 2: 4 cards; PSA PR 1: 1 card. Minimum bid $500.
Entertainment Collectibles
Matt Jefferies Conceptual Sketch and Final Design Drawing for “Star Trek” Klingon Battle Cruiser and Original Starship Enterprise (4 Items)
Includes: USS Enterprise Design (2 Items) – The original, NCC-1701 design of the 1960s! The two drawings that are offered here are the initial concept sketch for the Enterprise, and the finished final architectural illustration that would be used to build the TV show’s functioning model. The initial design drawing was signed by Jefferies; Klingon Battle Cruiser Design (2 Items) – The main ship of the Klingon battle line was the powerful battle cruiser, and these drawings are Jefferies’ earliest concept of the classic enemy’s main ship and were the finished architectural designs used for the TV show model’s construction. Jefferies has signed and numbered the work (as #23 of his design sketches). Minimum bid $1,500.
Michael Jackson Single Signed Ball
We’re not sure how much time Michael Jackson had to play baseball as a kid. Regardless, the self-proclaimed “King of Pop” took time to autograph this ONL (Cohen) ball. The sphere is a generally clean example. Dominating the surface is the singer’s black Sharpie inscription of “Love – Michael Jackson” (“9”). Minimum bid $1,000.
1960s Batman TV Show – The Joker’s Clown Costume
Cesar Romero donned this two piece harlequin costume in the iconic 1960s television series, Batman. The cream-colored costume consists of a jacket and matching pants, each made of a satin-like fabric. The jacket collar bears a tag that reads, “Western Costume Co.” with the number “47” also identified; the pants are stamped within the waistband “W.C.C. Suit 2 PC” with “#47” denoted in black marker. Pinned to the pants is a tag from Sotheby’s of New York.  Minimum bid $500.
Historical/Presidential Collectibles
Abraham Lincoln 1864 Signed Presidential Military Commission for Hospital Chaplain
During the final year of his first term in office, President Abraham Lincoln signed his name to this military document, thereby approving the appointment of an individual to the post of “Hospital Chaplain.” Lincoln’s black-ink signature is a “9”,  “Abraham Lincoln”). Also acknowledging the presidential appointment is Secretary of War Edwin Stanton (“Edwin M. Stanton,” “9”). This piece represents a covenant between the appointee and his Commander in Chief, and its elaborate design is consistent with this importance. Minimum bid $1,500.
1828-1832 Andrew Jackson “The Hero of New Orleans” Giant Copper Lustre Pitcher
His status as a Great American already affirmed through successful military campaigns against the Creek Indians, Major General Andrew Jackson stormed to the fore, during the War of 1812, to defend New Orleans against the British. Presented is a rare and beautiful ceramic pitcher featuring the portrait of Andrew Jackson, “The Hero of New Orleans,” on each side. This amazing relic has a copper lustre finish on its top and bottom sections. These regions are separated by a blue band carrying well-detailed transfer likenesses. Minimum bid $1,500.
Moe Berg 1944 Handwritten and Notated “A-Bomb” Notes – A Spy Makes His Report!
After parts of 17 seasons in the big leagues, Moe Berg was hired by the forerunner of the CIA as an international spy. His mission: to seek knowledge concerning Germany’s progress in the development of atomic weapons. Offered here is the backstop/espionage figure’s notes, gathered as part of the AZUSA Project. This collection of three sheets is believed to date to December, 1944 and relates to a lecture by Werner Heisenberg, Germany’s top nuclear scientist. These exceptional diagrams and technical data are equipped with inscriptions for the laymen, provided by Berg in his hand. Information supplied by Bergwas used to inform The Manhattan Project, resulting in the atomic bomb that was instrumental in ending the war in 1945. These rare, original, and one-of-a-kind pieces originate from an archive of Berg Estate items. Minimum bid $500.

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Greg Morris Marketplace: July 29 - Aug. 4
Icons Auctions: July 29 - Aug. 4
Pristine Auction: July 29 - Aug. 4
(*) Wheatland Auction Services: July 8 - Aug. 4
Auction of Champions: Aug. 1 - Aug. 7
(*) University Archives: July 17 - Aug. 7
(*) Clean Sweep Auctions: July 17 - Aug. 7-8
Sirius Sports Cards: July 29 - Aug. 8
(*) Queen City Cards: July 8 - Aug. 11
REA: July 23 - Aug. 11
(*) RR Auction: July 16 - Aug. 14
RR Auction: July 22 - Aug. 22
2024 Full Auction Schedule