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The CSG Population Report Is Now Live

Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG®) is excited to announce that the CSG Population Report is now live at! Designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, the CSG Population Report is a powerful tool for collectors that provides an up-to-date catalog of all of the sports cards that have been graded by CSG.

Sports cards celebrating players, games and events have inspired generations of collectors. Even in our age of advanced technology, sports card collecting continues to grow in popularity, with cards providing a tangible link to the world’s most celebrated athletes. Within the CSG Population Report, collectors will find CSG-graded sports cards spanning vintage card sets, modern sets, rookie cards and more.


Dynamic search, sub-grades and much more

By working closely with the CSG grading team, the CSG Population Report has been developed with the sports card enthusiast in mind. Collectors can use the CSG Population Report to determine the relative rarity of a sports card in a particular CSG grade, either by using the search functionality to look up a specific sports card, card number, manufacturer or set name, or by browsing the CSG Population Report’s sports card categories.

Within the categories, collectors can browse by sport, decade and card set. Each card set listing will show the number of cards that have been certified for a specific athlete, what grades the cards have received and the number of cards certified at each grade.

Collectors can also search for a specific athlete within the individual sets, and a list automatically populates with any cards featuring that athlete within the specific card set along with the number of cards that have been certified by CSG at each grade.

Each grade is clickable to reveal a breakdown of the number of cards certified by CSG with each combination of sub-grades.

An extensive and expanding resource

A comprehensive database, the CSG Population Report includes sports card categories for baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, MMA, multisport, racing, soccer, tennis, wrestling and more. Sports card brands represented include Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, Bowman, Leaf and Donruss. As CSG grades more cards, new categories and brands will be added.

“As a sports card grader and lifelong collector, I can’t stress enough how important a population report is for CSG collectors,” says Andy Broome, CSG Senior Grading Finalizer. “In real-time, collectors can determine the rarity of their CSG-certified cards, or any CSG-certified cards that they are looking to add to their collections.”

Collectors can search the CSG Population Report anytime, anywhere. Built with the latest technology to seamlessly resize on all devices, the CSG Population Report can be accessed on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. Collectors can even click the “shop now” button for any card and be taken directly to current eBay listings for CSG-certified sports cards for that specific athlete.

“It’s an exciting time at CSG. We launched the CSG Registry in September 2021, and now we are thrilled to announce that the CSG Population Report is live,” comments Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of the Certified Collectibles Group, which includes CSG. “To launch the CSG Registry and CSG Population Report within the first year of CSG accepting submissions is a testament not only to the incredible demand for our expert and impartial services, but also to our company’s strong commitment to the hobby.”

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About Certified Sports Guaranty™ (CSG™)
CSG is an expert and impartial authentication, grading and encapsulation service for sports cards. It is the latest company formed by the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®), the world’s leading provider of services that add value and liquidity to collectibles. More than any other third-party sports card grading service, CSG uses advanced authentication and grading technology to make the certification process more precise and efficient. After a card has been certified by CSG, it is encapsulated in a display-worthy holder that provides superior long-term protection. CSG also offers the industry’s strongest guarantee, which adds significant confidence, liquidity and value to the hobby. To learn more, visit

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