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The Golf Auction Features Estate Of Hall Of Famer Lloyd Mangrum In 500 Item Auction Held April 8 And 11, 2010

The Golf Auction.Com announces that they have recently entered into agreement with the daughter and grandson of the late World Golf Hall of Famer Lloyd Mangrum to present his estate of medals, badges, documents, photos and other assorted memorabilia from his PGA career in auction. This public offering will take place in two sessions the week of the Masters Tournament on Thursday, April 8 and Sunday, April 10, 2010.  To participate in the bidding in this internet, phone and mail auction or to place consignments in future auctions please contact through website: www.TheGolfAuction.Com or phone at (813) 340-6179. 

Featured items to be bid on from Mangrum’s career include his runner-up silver medal from the 1949 Masters, personal contestant and V.I.P. family badges from the Masters along with mementoes from his four Ryder Cup appearances. Also in this offering of roughly 100 items will be several items from Mangrum’s 36 Tour championships that saw him win the Western Open twice and the Los Angeles Open four times.

 Mangrum’s daughter and grandson have also agreed to provide the winner’s of each lot from the estate with a letter of authenticity detailing that the purchased item has come directly from Mr. Mangrum’s family.

Mangrum, with movie star good looks was a member of the “Texas Gang” that rode out of the hardscrabble caddie yards to plunder the PGA tour in it’s first Golden Age, along with Jimmy Demaret, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. He joined the Tour in 1937 and quickly established himself setting the course record of 64 in his first round of play ever at the Masters in 1940. This score would not be matched until Jack Nicklaus carded it in the 1960’s. Duty to country fighting under General Patton in the second World War saw Mangrum fight bravely at the Battle of the Bulge and earn two Purple Hearts. This only slowed his golf career as he returned better then ever winning the 1946 US Open.

The win at the Open in 1946 was only the start of greatness as he would go on to win 30 more times on Tour for his career total of 36 wins, the 12th most wins ever by a player in his career. In 1951, Mangrum led the PGA money list. He earned the Vardon Trophy in both 1951 and 1953 with the lowest seasonal scoring average on Tour. An excellent Ryder Cup performer, Mangrum appeared in four matches highlighted by his role as player/captain in the 10th ever matches in 1953. His career has twice been recognized with the highest honor with induction into the PGA Hall of Fame in 1964 and the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1998.

President of The Golf Auction, Kenley Matheny, summed up the company’s excitement about the upcoming April auction “The Masters week auction with the consigned targeted Masters items like the 1953 and 1954 badges, early club logo putter and extensive Masters ephemera is always exciting to collectors, but the opportunity to auction the Mangrum 1949 medal that was actually presented at the tournament takes this auction to a special level”.

The auctioning of the medal is important to the golf collecting community as Mangrum medal’s (1940 runner-up auctioned by The Golf Auction in 2009) joins the Craig Wood 1941 medal as the only medals presented at the post tournament awards ceremony to reach public auction. This medal is approximately one (1) ounce, 1 ¾ inch diameter silver medal. The front of the medal is inscribed with the words Augusta National Golf Club and shows detailed etching of the clubhouse. The reverse of the medal contains the inscription Masters Tournament and “Lloyd Mangrum”, “runnerup”, “1949” and “sterling”.

To participate in the bidding in this internet, phone and mail auction or to place consignments in future auctions please contact through website: www.TheGolfAuction.Com or phone at (813) 340-6179.

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