The Goodwin & Co Masterpieces And Uncommon Commons XXVI Auction Is In Full Swing

The Goodwin & Co Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXVI auction is in full swing, and there are still great deals to be had! The American Tobacco Company’s T206 White Border Issue For all of us at Goodwin & Company, it is our distinct pleasure to present this set of baseballís most significant and historic offering. Look carefully at every name and image. These were men who worked jobs in the off-season, who played for both the love of the game and survival, and who considered themselves “ball players” rather than professional athletes. Marvel at the art, the beauty and the simplicity of style displayed in every card. Study the sweaters and gloves and symbols of the game. Examine the names on every card and consider how they reflect the immigrant character of America as the nation opened its doors to the world. And last but certainly not least, take home a treasured heirloom to be passed down for generations, so that your children and grandchildren will always remember a time when baseball was young.  To view and bid on our auction, simply visit, and sign in using your email address or bidder number.  Highlights Include:

  Highlights Include:


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