The Original Wagner Goes Up for Bid May 24th at SCP Auctions

SCP Auctions Proudly Presents the J. Ross Greene CollectionThis month, starting on Wed., May 24, SCP Auctions unveils The Original Wagner, adding the latest chapter to the collecting world’s most storied card. Visit www.scpauctions to find out more information. Online bidding ends on Sat., June 10.

The story of “The Original Wagner” and its distinguished pedigree has been known only to those immersed in the deepest circles of the hobby. Its status as the first T206 Honus Wagner card referenced and pictured in mainstream media (1930) is further enhanced by a documented chain of ownership by some the hobby’s most influential pioneers. For the last 20 years however, the whereabouts of The Original Wagner had been shrouded in mystery, its story unfinished.


Online Preview Goes Live May 17, Bidding Begins May 24, 2017.