Topps Baseball Cards Will Repair Your Relationship With Your Mom

Do you remember back in the seventh grade when you bought 47 packs of baseball cards just to get that one rookie card of your favorite soon-to-be star? And then, after you put that one important card back in a box with all of the other totally unimportant ones, your mom chucked the whole lot? Well, lucky for you, the crew at Topps is here to finally make things right.   With the simple slogan, “We’re giving you back the cards your mom threw out,” Topps has kicked off its “Million Card Giveaway” promotion to do just that. Here’s how it works: Topps is including special cards in every sixth pack that will feature a nine-digit computer code that can be activated at Once you activate your magical code, a vintage card will appear on your screen that can be delivered, kept in your online account, or traded for other cards. Read full story at

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