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TOUCHDOWN TREASURES` December 5th Auction Has Your Stocking Stuffers

It has been a long year and you`ve worked hard. So here is your chance to treat yourself in Touchdown Treasures` December 5th football auction. Michael Hattley, the owner for 24 years, has assembled a great diversity of football collectibles. He is well known in the hobby as `Mr. Football`. The company specializes in unusual and vintage football memorabilia. This auction has something for everyone. So give yourself the present you know you want and won`t return unlike those ugly ties someone will undoubtedly give you. Tell your significant other, relatives, friends, etc., that you want a particular item or two in the auction.

This auction has 190 items all football, with the exception of two baseball items. Those two items are a 1930/40`s Lou Gehrig store model baseball bat & a Rollie Fingers autographed Mitchell & Ness jersey. The other 188 football items range in date from the early 1900`s to 2000`s, a full century`s worth of football collectibles.

In our `autograph` section, we have 36 lots. The headliner would be the 1977 Oakland Raiders company signed check by Al Davis. He is considered the toughest live HOF signature to acquire. What makes this item even more intriguing is that he signed it `Allen` Davis. This is even rarer version to find. Great item to get matted & framed. There is a very early Joe `Willie` Namath autograph which was signed on a dinner banquet program on his behalf in 1965. There are several signed footballs: 1978 Pro Bowl (23 signed), 1991 Miami Dolphins (39 signed), a Redskins legends ball (5 signed) and a Unitas ball. There is a wonderful Pro Football Hall of Fame autographed sign by 23 HOFers. We have several signed full sized helmets: Parcells, Aikman & Griese.

In our `Awards & Jewelry` section, we have 22 lots. The headliners would be: 3 Super Bowl replica trophies. The first is SB VI (Cowboys) which has been autographed by the MVP – Roger Staubach. The second is SB X (Steelers) which has been autographed by the MVP – Terry Bradshaw. The third is SB XXXIV (Rams). I guarantee they will be the topic of conversation regardless of where you display them. There is a great 1963 Bronco Nagurski HOF salesman sample ring made by Balfour. The ring size is an enormous (record at that time) of 19 1/2. There are several Super Bowl, USFL & HOF press pins including the 1969 Super Bowl III tie clasp. A very nice Super Bowl medallion set, HOF coin set, and various Super Bowl watches.

In our `Cards, Sets & Photo` section, we have 23 items. The headliner here is a full 1968 AFL Championship ticket panel (Jets-Raiders). A panel? Yes, there are both the small & large stub sections. But there is a third part, which is where the persons mailing address is attached. So this is a full unused completely attached three panel ticket. A very rare 1926 Amatller Red Grange Spanish card. A 1938 Diamond Match cover of Dutch Clark, 1976 Topps original cartoon drawings, various sets & near sets from 1948 Bowman & Leaf, 1957 Topps, 1967 Philadelphia, 1970 & 71 Topps, and other odd issue cards/photos.

In our `Equipment` section, there are 30 lots. The headliner here is a Cadillac Williams Auburn autographed game used jersey. There is a great selection of college game used helmets, replica signed jerseys and other assortment of material.

Our `Figurals & Statues` section features 17 lots. One of the more interesting items here is the 1974 Joe Namath Esco Statue. This is a great 3-D likeness of Broadway Joe. Of course we have our usual great assortment of Fred Kail statues. There are nine pairs of his limited edition work, which have all been signed and numbered.

For our `Display` section there are 18 items. Perhaps one of the more difficult items is the 1948-52 Exhibit display sign which features the elusive Chuck Bednarik checklist card right in the middle. This is considered one of the toughest items in this set. There are three original published artworks by Phil Bissell (Boston Globe cartoonist & the artist for the Patriots first logo). There is also an original artwork of Joe Namath that hug in the infamous `Bachelor`s III` nightclub which he partially owned. There is a 1926 `Broadside` of Red Grange. Also in this section is some eye appealing copper logo plaques.

The `Nodder` section won`t disappoint either with 46 representations. There is a nice assortment of the different variations including: AFL `Toes-up` Texans, 3 blackface square base including a very tough Redskins, regular square bases, 4 blackface `Toes-up` including the Cowboys, the regular `Toes-up` including three types of variations, the gold square base, `Earpad`, `Realistic` face, the 1965-67 series & finally the `Merger` series.

In our `Pennant` section we have 5 items. The most unique is a 1973 Washington Redskins 69` (SIXTY-NINE) felt banner pennant. This item was actually hanging at the Super Bowl VII dinner banquet. Awesome display item! There is a nice assortment of the WFL pennants too.
Finally our `Publication` section features 5 lots. A freshman Louisville college yearbook of Johnny Unitas. There is an assortment of Street & Smith magazines including the first issue, 1960 NFL Championship game program, and a nice grouping of USFL Championship game programs.

All items come with James Spence (JSA) approval. Bids can be placed at: click `View Live Auction` tab. You can also call to register or phone your bids at 203-532-9214. Have a great Holiday season!

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