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University Archives Auction of Autographs, Manuscripts, Books and Historical Relics Ends May 9, 2017

ualogo2016University Archives current auction offers a great selection of Autographs, Manuscripts, Books and Historical Relics including items from the Robert Batchelder Collection. Bid, register and view items from the auction here or on Invaluable now.  Bidding ends on May 9, 2017 at 10:30 AM EST.

Check us out Now through May 9, 2017 10:30 AM EST on Invaluable, eBay or AuctionZip for a chance to own some of the finest material available!

This auction will have special significance because of the remarkable pieces being offered directly from the estate of Robert Batchelder, one of the most important dealers of the 20th century. He began his passion in autographs and historical documents in the late 1960’s and was a prominent and respected authority throughout his life.  Each piece will include Robert’s original description indicating the noted retail price, which could have been from 20 years ago. Robert’s highly diverse background and amazing achievements include a long list of memberships, including being an honorary member of the Society Cincinnati, a member of the Manuscript Society, the ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America), the ANA (American Numismatic Association), the PAGCA (Pennsylvania Antique Gun Collectors Association), the PADA (Professional Autograph Dealer Association), and the UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club). He was a graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and served in the U.S. Army Air Force.

A portion of the commission on Batchelder lots will be donated to the Alzheimer’s foundation.


Highlights Include:

  • Enormous Brady Portrait Photograph of Abraham Lincoln
  • Stunning Nikolai Rimsky-Kossakov Signed & Hand-drafted Musical Composition
  • Scarce Twice Signed William Cody “Buffalo Bill” ALS
  • “Walt Disney’s Disneyland” Children’s Book Signed by Walt Disney
  • Archive of 19 Official 1950s Photographs of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution
  • Mickey Mantle Signed Vintage Baseball Glove
  • Andy Warhol Signed Interview Magazine with Faye Dunaway Cover
  • Bobby Fischer Signed 1956 Russian Chess Magazine
  • John F. Kennedy Signed Family Photo depicting Days of Camelot
  • Andrew Jackson Signed Ship Passport with Unusually Large Signature

If you have any questions about any of our items, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

About University Archives
John Reznikoff, the company’s founder, started collecting in 1968. Then a third grader in West Hartford, Connecticut, his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, gave him a shiny glassine envelope of colorful stamps from around the world. A collector was born! Reznikoff quickly amassed an impressive collection by writing away to stamp companies listed in the back of the New York Times. By age 13, he was a part time dealer, and had diversified his interests to include early baseball cards, postal history, and yes, autographs. Fast forward five years, Reznikoff entered Fordham University, where his father, Dr. Marvin Reznikoff, was a professor. Reznikoff majored in Political Science and Anthropology, and minored in part time dealing of collectibles. What a marvelous way, he thought, to subsidize the incredible costs of getting an education than dealing in things that one could be educated by! By 1979, University Stamp Co., Inc., was formed.

In his 20’s, Reznikoff quickly made a name for himself as a leader of the industry, especially in his specialty, 19th Century Postal History, which of course included a plethora of manuscript material. By 1984, Reznikoff recognized a keen competitor in the persona of Bryan Camarda. Rather than compete, Reznikoff chose to join forces, and they have been partners ever since. In the mid-80’s, both men were asked by the prestigious Philatelic Foundation to be authenticators within their expertise. To this day, Mr. Camarda is considered to be among the world’s top experts in 19th Century United States Stamps and Postal History. He is one of the “Magnificent Seven”, a group of dealers who price the Bible of the industry, the Scott Standard Guide to Postage Stamp Prices.

Reznikoff quickly found his interests drawing toward postal history, and history in general. By the late 80’s and early 90’s, Reznikoff was exclusively dealing in manuscript material under the established division, University Archives. University Archives was quickly catapulted among the leading dealers in the industry. Reznikoff has authored numerous publications and complete chapters in the industry standard, Sanders Price Guide to Autographs. He has appeared on virtually every major news program in recent years. He has been written about in thousands of newspapers, including occupying front-page placement in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Reznikoff’s opinion on authenticity in the historical autograph field is the most requested in the world. Definitively.

Aside from that, Reznikoff has an incredible presence as an expert witness having to do with questioned documents, not necessarily autographs. He has also worked with the United States Justice Department, the FBI, and numerous local law enforcement professionals, to weed out fraud within the industry. Reznikoff’s and Camarda’s presence and accomplishments have made the University Companies what they are today – the top dealers in their discipline, and much, much more.

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