Vintage Cards Sets Highlight Auctions 2009 Sports Auction 2 is now live! Now accepting consignments for 2009 Sports Auction 3. Interested in consigning? Call 888-463-3063 or visit to learn more about the benefits of consigning with Auctions. Here’s a look at some of our hottest sets in our current auction:

1959 Topps Complete High-Grade Set (571) with Variations
When was the last time that you looked at a high-grade vintage Topps set and couldn’t spot any discernible difference in the condition of the lowliest commons and the biggest stars, or didn’t even notice as you whizzed past No. 500 and couldn’t even tell that now you were looking at the high numbers? I’ll tell you when that was: right now. The colorful 1959 Topps master set rarely gets any better than this except when the registry zealots push one forward entirely embedded in plastic and weighing in at 35 lbs. or so.

1933 Sport Kings Complete Set (minus Doolittle)
The greatest multi-sport issue ever created is offered here in a range of conditions, a complete set missing only Doolittle. Colorful 2 3/8 by 2 7/8 cards display blazing colors in the higher grades and predictable softening of colors in lower grades. One of the keys, No. 35 Knute Rockne, is graded PSA 4; No. 6 Jim Thorpe is PSA 2.5. No. 1 Cobb, No. 2 Ruth, No. 4 Grange, No. 36 Willie Hoppe, No. 38 Bobby Jones and No. 45 Babe Didrikson are all in PSA 1 holders.

1934-36 Diamond Stars Complete Set (minus No. 99)
Colorful, campy issue from the middle of the Great Depression is found here in a near-set (missing only No. 99 Pie Traynor) in grades typical from the era.

1940 Play Ball Complete Set minus Jackson (239)
The seldom-seen 1940 Play Ball is found here in a condition typical of its era, mostly GOOD to VERY GOOD and perhaps another couple dozen cards rating EXCELLENT and a similar number POOR to FAIR. In short, the kind of grades you frequently find with this 21/2 by 31/8-inch black-and-white issue. Three are handsomely entombed: No. 1 DiMaggio PSA 4, No. 227 Williams PSA 3 and No. 223 Jennings PSA 6.

1941 Play Ball Complete Set (72)
The last great prewar issue is found here in lower grades and yet nicely presentable condition, providing a unique opportunity for a collector to obtain this colorful, art deco classic. The biggies – Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio – are in PSA 1 holders with fronts that present better than that; the other two graded entries are Jimmie Foxx (PSA Authentic) and Dom DiMaggio (PSA 4).