Vintage Koufax, Mays Cards Pace Andy Madec Auction

Stock market troubles be damned; vintage baseball cards still draw plenty of interested collectors. Not everyone has lost their shirt in the stock market. Either that or more of us need our old baseball cards more than ever. Another late-season sports card and memorabilia auction closed early Thursday morning with some four and five-figure prices attained. Leading the way in the sale conducted by Andy Madec was a 1957 Topps Sandy Koufax graded PSA 9. The card, one of seven ever to attain PSA’s mint designation, brought a winning bid of $18,055 including the buyer’s premium. In fact, Madec sold a ’57 Mantle PSA 9 for $78,086 in October of 2006. The last ’57 Koufax 9 sold at auction went for $21,256.

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