Vintage Sports Card Dealers See Strong Market – Report From

Graded cards are here to stay–and competition is fierce between those who crave them–and those who sell them. Those who have spent a couple of decades earning the title of sports collector remember a tiime when you could walk into a card show and buy a T206 for a buck. Maybe not one in mint condition–or even close–but a respectable card of a recognizable player. Ungraded T206 cards still exist, but now even lesser condition examples usually wind up in the holder of a sports card grading company. One reason is that the cards are a little flimsy and the plastic holders offer some better protection But more often than not, the cards are slabbed because they sell for more money. Collectors want the authenticity and a third party’s opinion. Collectors with bigger slices of discretionary income want them in plastic so they can build graded sets. Click here for complete story on Sports Collectors Daily.