Visit Us At The National In Cleveland THIS WEEK! Booths 1425/1429 – Accepting Fall Auction Consignments

Autographed Card Collection Coming to REA Includes Near Complete Goudey SetThere are just TWO WEEKS left to consign to REA’s blockbuster Fall Auction! If you are even THINKING about consigning to this auction, DO NOT DELAY and CONTACT US TODAY! There is only one auction house that can offer the track record of REA: the best material, the best prices, the best catalog, the best service, and the best choice for your important consignments!

REA will be set up at the National Sports Collectors Convention at the IX Center in Cleveland, OH starting this Wednesday through this Sunday at booths 1425/1429. We will have hundreds of items on display from the upcoming Fall Auction, and we will be offering special consignment incentives for material consigned at the show! We can offer generous cash advances on the spot, faciliate discounted grading and authentication onsite, and start promoting your material IMMEDIATELY by having it on display at one the show’s most anticipated booths!


Signed items and game-used memorabilia must be IN HAND by Friday, August 10 to allow for proper authentication. After that, we can only accept high value items that are already accompanied by authentication.

We are most interested in single graded cards, entirely graded sets, unopened material, display pieces, game-used bats and jerseys, 19th century items, historical documents, and more of the great material that you see in our auctions!

Please call 908-226-9900 or 908-888-2555 or e-mail to discuss consigning to this special event!


Robert Edward Auctions is pleased to make several important announcements regarding the company’s expansion in geographical reach and services provided to the collecting community! We have been listening to customer suggestions for years, and we are thrilled to be able to make each of these a reality thanks to the loyalty and support of our great customers!

rea7-31-18cREA is excited to announce the addition of Calvin Arnold to the team. Calvin will join REA in the role of Consignment Director. He will be based out of Las Vegas, NV, allowing REA to service the West Coast in a more robust fashion moving forward. Calvin will travel throughout the United States on behalf of REA and will begin providing a show presence for the company at the Long Beach Expo in Long Beach, CA and the TriStar Collectors Shows in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA.

Calvin brings with him more than thirty years of hobby experience, including nearly two decades of his career spent working at both SCP Auctions and Heritage Auctions. Calvin is well versed in a variety of different areas of the hobby, but he has a particular knowledge and appreciation for memorabilia and unopened material. Calvin’s experience makes him a valuable asset and a tremendous resource for collectors interested in buying and selling cards and memorabilia.

Calvin can be reached at

With the addition of another team member, Robert Edward Auctions will be able to conduct an additional auction starting in 2019. With three auctions per year now, the 2019 schedule will consist of auctions in March, August, and December. More information will come out regarding dates and deadlines when the time comes, but we are excited to allow buyers and sellers another opportunity each year to work with REA.

We have also introduced a system on our website that allows collectors to submit offers on any of the more than 35,000 lots that we’ve handled since 2004. Our entire auction archive is open and searchable for collectors to browse, identify items of interest to them, and submit offers for consideration outside of the auction venue.

To explore this option, visit our archives, search for items, and look for the link on each page to submit offers.

Lastly, starting with our Fall Auction, we will be introducing a flat rate shipping program that applies to all domestic buyer invoices except for those with oversized items included. In an effort to counter shipping rates that have continued to rise over the last five years and to recognize bidders’ appreciation for simple, clearly stated shipping and handling costs, REA will be charging a flat $10 for shipping, handling, and insurance on invoices of under $2000 and a flat $20 for shipping, handling, and insurance on invoices of $2000 or more. We will continue to process all shipments as we have in the past, with the highest level of care and quality with respect to packing and the quickest turnaround upon payment of any auction house in the business! Shipping, handling, and insurance has never been a profit center at REA, and we continue our committment to ensuring a fair and pleasant experience for all buyers!

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