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VSA Auctions NOW Accepting Consignments For Our Upcoming Auction

VSA Auctions NOW Accepting Consignments For Our Upcoming Auction – VSA Auction Consignment Deadline This Friday November 12th.  Do you have collectibles that you would like to turn into cash and get the absolute maximum price possible? If so, please call or text us at 952-484-5061 or email us at  and a representative of VSA Auctions will contact you today.  We pay our consignors faster than any other auction house in the country.  We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal so we begin sending out consignment checks out as quick as the week after the auction ends when your consignments are paid in full ! We want YOUR money in YOUR hands as QUICK as possible !



PROFIT & PAYMENT  We pay our consignors faster than any other auction house in the country.  As soon as we get paid, we pay you.  Our goal is to get your consignment check in your hands before you even think of asking about it!

SATISFACTION  We treat our consignors with the utmost respect and deliver consignment checks faster than any other Auction House in the country. We accept ALL major credit cards AS WELL AS PayPal which allows us to begin writing consignment checks as quickly as 1 week after the conclusion of each auction. Encouraging bidders to use credit cards and Pay Pal allows them to bid aggressively and with confidence. This results in a direct benefit to you, the consignor.

RESULTS  You will have access to your consignment invoice the day after the auction ends so you know the exact amount you have due to you and an itemized breakdown of your invoice. As your items are paid for you will be able to view which items are “PAID” and which items are “PENDING” so you always know exactly where you stand.  If you also happen to place bids in the auction, we can deduct your auction winnings directly from your consignment invoice as a service and convenience to you.

SERVICE  We provide superior customer service. Not only do we start collecting auction winnings immediately, we begin shipping product the day after the auction ends as well. We ship all packages either Federal Express or USPS both of which will be insured with signature required. Customers begin paying for their auction winnings as soon as the Friday after a Thursday auction and begin receiving their winnings as soon as the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

ACCOUNTABILITY  Follow your consignments during the auction as you are able to login to your “My Account” page and view both your current bids AND your consignments simultaneously so that you always know exactly where you stand. Our system will automatically calculate your consignment total for you to the dollar so you can enjoy watching the auction and your consignment total add up.

CONVENIENCE   Due to the combination of offering our customers ALL forms of payment and expedited shipping policy our customers bid aggressively to obtain their auction product. It is a win-win-win for bidders, customers and consignors. We pass along the substantial savings of ALL authentication expenses for autographed consignments as well as game used items.  We have secured a reduced rate for your convenience.

SAFETY & PROTECTION  We treat every consignment item as a valuable treasure no matter the value of the collectible. Whether it is appraised at $500 or $50,000, it is given every possible opportunity to reach the potential value it deserves. Your items are entrusted to us and we insure them from the time you ship them to us until the time the winning bidder receives them.

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Call/Text:  952-484-5061

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