Will Albersheim Be At The National Convention?

Evidently our Top 15 Toughest Pro FB HOF autograph list garnered some slight controversy. I did however move Joe Carr to the #4 slot from #6 ahead of Hewitt and Kiesling. It seems that my list even made it onto some of the “internet newsgroups” I’m flattered. Compiling these lists are a fun task. If you check our website we’ve added some great autographed items in so many different areas of sports. Check this all out at www.albersheims.com today!!! If you’re going to be in Chicago for the National Sports Collectors Convention, we’ll be at Table 448-450 alongside of Ryan Friedman of Auction Report. July 30, 2008 – August 3, 2008, you’ll find us at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center – Rosemont, IL.

This is the one show of the year that you will be able to find us set up and ready to buy, sell, and trade.

Baseball HOF Autograph Items
In Baseball HOF – Joe Tinker and Johnny Evers autographs on the same piece. Try finding the greatest double play combo in the history of baseball anywhere else. Or how about a signed photo with Alex Pompez, Roy Campanella, and a slew of other Negro League baseball players from HOF’er, Leon Day’s personal collection? Lastly, we picked up Bob Lemon’s 1956 Indians contract signed by Lemon, Greenberg, and Harridge.

Baseball Autographs
Other great baseball items that we just put up are an oversized team signed 1969 Baltimore Orioles photo with 22 members of the team that lost to the Miracle Mets, 2 early 80’s Negro League Reunion balls with Hilton Smith and Willard Brown amongst so many legends. When’s the last time you saw a Jumbo Brown signed photo for sale? Maybe you didn’t know this, but back in the 1930’s Jumbo Brown was the biggest Major Leaguer to ever play the game; scaling in at 295 lbs.

Basketball Autographs
That’s not all, we just picked up a fantastic Michael Jordan signed White House program from 1985 (that’s early Jordan folks).

Boxing Autographs
And some super super rare Boxing Autographs.

This month’s topic: Casualties of War.

Many of you know that Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinals died a few years back in Afghanistan while bravely serving our country. Did you know that there were two NFL players who died in Viet Nam? They were Bob Kalsu (Buffalo Bills) and Don Steinbrunner. I’ve actually seen two Steinbrunner autographs and have owned one. Has anyone ever seen a Bob Kalsu autograph? If you have, drop me a note – info@albersheims.com

In World War II there were 23 NFL casualties that included 21 active or former players, an ex-head coach and a team executive. If we have an active interest in that, we can discuss that in the next Albersheim’s update.

Despite the scores of Major League ballplayers being called to serve in World War II, there were on two deaths as a result of the Big War. Elmer Gedeon died in France in 1944 after his B 26 Bomber was hit by enemy fire. Gedeon had previously played in five games for the 1939 Senators. We’ve never owned his autograph. The other casualty from the war was Harry O’Neill who was killed in action on March 6, 1945 in Iwo Jima. O’Neill’s previous big league experience consisted of 1 game for the 1939 Philadelphia Athletics. Years ago we had his autograph on a cut from an album page.

If you find information such as this as fascinating as we do, please let us know and we’ll continue with other oddball information you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Lastly, if you’ve read this far and mention it, we’re giving 10% off orders over $500 to those who mention the Albersheim’s National Discount. It’s in affect until August 5, 2008.

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