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WorthRidge Auctions Accepting Consignment For Next Auction

worthridge5-19-14Worthridge Auctions is the culmination of over 20 years of sports memorabilia and collectibles experience. Our company began as a small baseball card store, and over the years we have supplied the industry’s largest and leading auction houses with some of the finest memorabilia known. We have expanded to include other areas of expertise such as coins and currency, guitars, comics, sports cards, autographs, estate jewelry, watches, and historical and entertainment memorabilia.

For the past two decades, the owners of Worthridge have orchestrated some of the largest transactions in the sports memorabilia and collectibles industries and traveled the country to work with some of the most prestigious clients. Some of the items that we have been fortunate enough to bring into the industry are:

• Sandy Koufax Game Used glove from the Carl Furillo Estate
• Ray Nitschke 1967 Super Bowl II Ring from the Nitschke Family
• George Mikan Game Used Minneapolis Lakers Jersey
• 1923 Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar Mandolin & 1927 Gibson F-5 Fern Mandolin
• Sitting Bull’s Top Hat Gifted to Him by US President Chester Arthur

Worthridge is excited and pleased to represent some of the finest names in the industry and to provide collectors with an avenue to obtain great, one-of-a-kind items. Our items are of the highest caliber and many come with unparalleled provenance. There is no team that will work harder and strive to represent their clients with more respect and enthusiasm than the team at Worthridge.



The Consignment Process

Worthridge is happy to provide a free market evaluation of your items. We are up front and honest with our potential consignors, so that they have the proper knowledge and information to make an informed decision about which services are best fitting their needs. Our main goal is to develop and implement the best strategy, in order to maximize the value of your items. Open lines of communication are our priority and we realize that every item and every situation are different, and we will treat each client as such.

The first step in evaluating an item or collection is to know the details of what is included. Please visit our Free Item Evaluations page in order to begin this process, or call us at (877) 539-3952. Please have ready as many details as possible concerning the items and their make, model, type, quantity, and condition. We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days. In certain instances, based on the value of your collection, we are available to travel to your home so that we can evaluate your items in person

Once you have made the decision to consign with Worthridge, we will need to arrange the shipment of your items to our office. Please see our Shipping Information page to learn how to safely ship your items. Once they arrive at our office, we will take great care throughout the consignment process. This begins by providing you with a detailed inventory of your items to verify the contents of your collection. We will then catalog them and assess the estimated insurable value. We then store your items in our climate controlled and secure facility for the duration of the evaluation and sales process. Our clients all have access to their own personal Consignment Inventory Page. We take great pride in making sure that every item at Worthridge receives the care and attention that it deserves.

Once your items are checked into our Inventory Management System, we will begin the evaluation process. This includes researching the details and specifics of each item and providing our recommendation as to whether the items should be placed in our upcoming auction or our retail store. It is during this process that we will determine the need for any Third-Party Authentication that may be needed. You can read our Grading / Authentication page to help understand the need for this service and how it affects the value and desirability of your items. After the evaluation of your collection is complete, a professional will photograph your items. Photography plays a large role in the online sale of all items. If an item cannot be seen in person the photographs must do them justice and accurately represent their condition and importance. After photography, your items are placed back into our secure, climate controlled inventory room until the conclusion of the sale.

We also understand that while your items are in our care it will be important for you to maintain constant communication with our staff. We work hard to make ourselves available to our customers and clients almost anytime day or night. Use our contact us page to direct any questions, concerns, or inquiries to the proper person.

After your items are sold, either through auction or via our retail store, we will begin processing your secure payment. Your items are not shipped out of our office until full payment from the buyer has cleared. See our Terms and Conditions page for more details. We work hard to ensure that all of our consignors and customers are paid in a timely manner. For all auctions, this takes a maximum of 45 days, and for our retail store this is usually a 14-day process.

After payment has cleared, we use our trained in-house shipping department to safely package and ship your items. We have a professional staff that understands the fragile nature of many collectibles and we always take the time and effort to properly package and ship your items. We have a private insurance policy that covers all of the items that are shipped to-and-from Worthridge. Additional insurance is used to cover items of substantial value.

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